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Mindset and Peak Performance Specialist

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If you are wanting to create massive success, happiness, higher energy and more productivity, listen to the Illumination Podcast with Nick and Kisma. They specialize in grounded spirituality and high frequency teachings.

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Trainings Designed to Expand Your Consciousness, Increase Your Awareness and Command Your Reality.


If you’re talented and driven, but you’re exhausted, you are out of alignment. You become an unstoppable force when you are aligned at every level of your being and life. Most people stop at mindset. That’s just the beginning.


It’s a busy, noisy world. Sometimes the noisiest place is in your own head. Confusion leads to Self judgement and criticism. You can gain clarity without spending years in meditation? Once you do, everything becomes easier and you create a life that flows with prosperity.

About Nick

Nick Hansinger has been studying Peak Performance and the science of human transformation for over 20 years.

He is a true believer that each and every human being has potential beyond measure and has made it his life’s mission to help people unlock the vast resources within.

Through his workshops, retreats and intensive trainings, he has impacted the lives of thousands, teaching practical tools to help them harmonize their thoughts and actions with Universal Law so that they can Live in alignment with their true identity and fulfill their Life Mission.

He has innovated a cutting edge technology called Electromagnetic Harmonization, which permanently resolves negative and discordant thoughts and patterns. It allows his clients to heal physical, emotional and mental challenges, providing them with more energy, clarity, focus and intention.

Nick is passionate about applying these tools specifically to business owners and entrepreneurs so that they can serve their communities and the world in a bigger way without burning out.

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